the green man (ssa)


  • Catalog ID: S-119
  • First Line: the easter sun, it cuts his eyes
  • Composer: Martin Donnelly
  • Voicing: ssa
  • Accompaniment: drum (optional cello and guitar), piano
  • Language: English
  • Country: Ireland
  • Other: 2000
  • Score: View Score
  • Sound: Listen



Among the many fantastic figures carved on medieval churches and cathedrals, one can find examples of foliate heads or leaf masks; a human head from which leafy foliage sprouts and elaborately ornaments a frieze, facade, or column.  This figure, known as the “Green Man” (or “Jack in the Green”, “Green George”, “Leaf Man”, “May-King”, etc.) was mainly a Northern European and Celtic symbol of the continuous regeneration of life, a symbol of May and the return of the Spring.  He is also sometimes portrayed as a nightmarish demon of the forest and can appear to be both beautiful and sinister at the same time.


Available for ttb (S-118) and ssa (S-119).  Cello and guitar parts are available separately.