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earthsongschoralmusic handles the MECHANICAL LICENSING for all of its publications. We charge the standard statutory rate of $0.1225 per piece per CD or $0.0320 per piece per minute, whichever is greater. there is no minimum fee except for digital downloads (we require prepayment for 100 downloads). The fee for DVDs and Videos is $0.25 per copy.

Download and complete our simple mechanical license form and return it to us via U.S.mail (1030 NW Cleveland Avenue, Corvallis, Oregon 97330), email ([email protected]), or fax it to: 1.541.754.5887

Copyright Instruction For Use of Text in Programs and Bulletins

  1. Free concerts – if your concert is free to the public, you may print the text or translation of our pieces at no charge with proper copyright citation.
  2. Ticketed concerts – if tickets are sold, fees are assessed individually.  Please contact us directly.
  3. Church bulletins – we allow reproduction of the melody line and lyrics in your bulletin for a one time $5 fee.  Please send a copy of your bulletin to us with your check.  Proper copyright citation is required.  No reproduction of the entire piece is allowed.

For all other copyright questions, please contact us directly at 541.758.5760 or email us at [email protected].

Copies of octavos in PDF


Thank you for requesting a pdf from earthsongs.  Please read the following information carefully:

For Pieces Currently in Print – US Customers

1. At earthsongs, we pride ourselves on providing quick service and shipping your music within a day or two of receiving your order.  Because of this, we prefer to send printed copies of our publications.  Requests for pdfs of pieces in print will be considered depending on circumstances.

2. All pdfs are licensed.  Only customers ordering directly from us can receive licensed pdfs.  We are unable to supply pdfs to retailers.

3. To receive a licensed pdf, customers are required to purchase a copy for every choir member and one for the conductor, with a minimum order of 20 copies.

4. We never send a pdf when a single reference copy is ordered.  Single reference copies will be sent via US Mail and may be stamped DO NOT COPY on every page.

5. All licensed pdfs will have a watermark on every page, indicating the name of the choir, the name of the conductor, and the number of copies you have purchased.  This watermark is placed diagonally across each page of music.  The music is still readable, although this may be a challenge for some singers. (please email us for a sample license).

6. Payment via credit card or PayPal (additional fee) is required before the licensed pdf is sent.

7. If you request and receive a title in pdf, you will NOT receive hard copies of the piece.  

For pieces NOT Currently in Print (pdf only) – US Customers

  1. Some pieces in our catalog are no longer in print or have never been in print.
  2. To receive a licensed pdf, customers are required to purchase a copy for the conductor and for every singer.  There is no minimum order.
  3. All other restrictions apply as listed above.

International Customers

  1. Because of the time and expense of sending music internationally, we offer every piece in our catalog as a licensed pdf as long as a copy is ordered for every singer and the conductor, with a minimum order of 20 copies. 

2.   Single reference copies may be ordered and sent via pdf.  All pdfs will be watermarked on every page FOR REFERENCE ONLY – DO NOT COPY and will be locked so they cannot be printed.  A $3 handling fee will be added to each reference copy ordered.