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Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts

PLEASE NOTE:  earthsongschoralmusic publishes only a few high-quality titles per year.  Most of the titles we publish are secular.  We publish almost no hymns in English. Please follow these guidelines carefully.

  1. Submit ONLY pieces that have been successfully performed.  Include an mp3 or CD recording of the piece.  Even a poor quality recording is helpful when making our decision.
  2. Send a pdf of your manuscript.  Include a SASE in you want your materials returned.  You can also submit via email at email@earthsongschoralmusic.com
  3. Include the translation of the piece if not in English.
  4. If copyrighted text is being used, include written permission to use the text.
  5. Pieces will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 30 days of submission.

If your piece is chosen for publication, we require the following materials within 30 days of acceptance:

  1. Your short bio and a black and white photo for publication.
  2. Text with English translation.
  3. A signed contract from all composers or copyright holders.
  4. Program notes for performance.
  5. History, background, cultural context of the piece.
  6. Text in IPA with transliteration (if not in English).
  7. Pronunciation tracks recorded by a native speaker (if not in English).
  8. Photos or appropriate artwork for the cover of the piece with permission for its use.  (We can help with this if you need help.)