shehecheyanu (sa)

Catalog ID: S-479
Translation: who has given us life
First Line: Baruch ata Adonai
Composer: Valerie Shields
Author: traditional Jewish blessing
Voicing: s,a
Accompaniment: piano, violin
Language: hebrew, english
Country: USA
Series: Mosaic, ed. Pearl Shangkuan
Other: new 2022
Sound: No audio clip available


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The Shehecheyanu prayer is invoked by Jews at times of celebration and joy. It affirms our appreciation for experiencing unqualified blessing and goodness. So often expressions of gratitude are limited to the transactional—a reciprocated response for an immediate gift. One of the most profound insights offered by faith is the linking of blessings of the moment to a wider context in time and space. Thus, times of joyous celebration and deepest sorrow (which can also be occasions for gratitude for the lives of those we have lost) are inextricably bound to the chains of tradition bequeathed by our ancestors, the power of the present, and our sense of obligation to future generations. The Shehecheyanu prayer transcendentally telescopes the treasury of life and living into the bounty of the imminent.

Rabbi Daniel A. Weiner, Temple De Hirsch Sinai


Blessed are You, Adonai.

Our God, Ruler of the Universe, who has kept us alive,
and sustained us,
and allowed us to arrive
at this time of celebration!

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