Teresica Hermana

Catalog ID: S-428
Translation: Sister Teresa
First Line: Teresica hermana de la fa ra ri ri ra
Composer: Mateo Flecha, arr. Alberto Grau
Voicing: sa (contralto)tb
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: spanish
Country: spain, venezuela
Series: musica de latinoamerica, MLA
Other: 2015
Sound: No audio clip available


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Teresica Hermana (“Sister Teresa”) is also a villancico, a term that comes from villanus, that is, a song popular with villagers, who were referred to as villanos. The secular subject of this piece describes the life of the young Teresa and her amorous adventures; this reflects the move from medieval mysticism to the humanistic vitality of the Renaissance. Composer Mateo Flecha, El Viejo (the Elder) was born in Prades in 1481 and died in Poblet in 1553. A Catalan composer of the Spanish Renaissance, Flecha worked as Maestro de Capilla in the cathedrals of Lerida, Guadalajara, Valencia, and Sigüenza. He is also well known for his villancicos and works called ensaladas (eleven in all, of which six survive complete).

This is one of four pieces contained in the octavo Quatro canciones espanolas del Renacimiento (Four Spanish Renaissance Songs).  Other pieces in this octavo are Triste Espana sin ventura, Oy, comamos y bebamos, and Nino Dios de amor herido.

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