Marcha, Pezinho! sa


  • Catalog ID: S-490
  • First Line: Marcha, soldado cabeza de papel!
  • Composer: Daniel R. Afonso Jr.
  • Voicing: sa
  • Accompaniment: piano
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Country: Brazil
  • Series: Published: 2024
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Marcha, Pezinho! combines two well-known folk songs from Brazil: Marcha, soldado! and Oi bota aqui o teu pezinho (or Dança do Pezinho, or simply “Pezinho”). The first is a children’s song of unknown origin that is very popular throughout the country. It is sung while the children play and pretend to march like soldiers, often wearing a paper hat (which would explain the reference to the soldier’s “paper head”). The second song, Oi, bota aqui o teu pezinho—a folk song from Brazil’s southernmost region—is performed while dancing in couples, following a very simple choreography in which the dancers are instructed to put their feet “here and there.” In the first part of the song (Oi, bota aqui o teu pezinho…) the partners face each other, and each places their right foot forward with the ankle on the floor and toes pointing up. The dancers then move the top of their feet (toes) from side to side, as if waving at each other, but without moving their heels. In the second part (E depois não vá dizer…), the dancers join arms and perform a couple of turns together, saluting each other at the end of each turn, and then starting a new turn in the opposite direction, also ending with a salute. When performing this arrangement, the singers must always move their feet: first, imitating a soldier marching to “rescue” the national flag from the burning barracks; and second, dancing with your partner and asking them to put their foot “very close to” yours. Singers should “march in place” when singing any section of Marcha, Soldado! and move their feet sideways when performing any section of Oi, bota aqui o teu pezinho.

Daniel R. Afonso Jr.