turlutte acadienne montrealaise (TTB)


  • Catalog ID: S-483
  • First Line: hey dam ti dadi dam damdi dam
  • Composer: Marie-Claire Saindon
  • Voicing: ttb
  • Accompaniment: a ca
  • Country: Canada
  • Other: new 2022
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Cultural Context

Turlutte acadienne montréalaise is an original melody hailing from the traditional Acadian andQuébecois musical practice of the “turlutte,” or mouth-reel. The composer recognizes her Acadian roots,but also the cultural influences of her current hometown—Montréal—in the title. The Acadian andQuébecois mouth-reel is the art of imitating an instrumental reel or jig with one’s voice, using a specificset of syllables—not unlike jazz scat singers. It would be performed at kitchen parties (still commontoday), and dance parties, when the instrumentalists wanted to take a break. Though mouth-reels can befound in many other cultures around the globe, a unique sound featured in the Acadian and Québecoismouth-reel is the “ts” sound, much like a mini drum kit hi-hat hit.

See also the SAB version (S-464) and the SSA version (S-481).

Published: 2022