A Woman’s Dream (ssaa)


  • Catalog ID: S-418
  • First Line: I dream of a world without fear....
  • Composer: Debra Scroggins
  • Voicing: ssaa
  • Solo: soprano
  • Accompaniment: piano
  • Language: English, Tamil
  • Country: United States
  • Other: 2015, girls, women
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The poem Pennin Kanavu by Jaya Sekar serves as the inspiration for A Woman’s Dream. “I dream of a world without fear…” Women of all ages share this dream which crosses cultural boundaries. The majority of the original Tamil poem text has been translated into English with the assistance of Rachna Raman and Christa Dickson. The music incorporates the Carnatic Kharaharapriya ragam denoting hopefulness (also known in Western music as the Dorian mode). “When we are joined heart to heart, are we not all the same?” Together women worldwide have the power to influence the direction the world will go—leading the world by love.