okro mch’edelo


  • Catalog ID: S-398
  • First Line: Okro mch'edelo, mch'edelo
  • Composer: Carl Linich
  • Voicing: equal-voiced (see below)
  • Accompaniment: a cappella
  • Language: Georgian
  • Country: Republic Of Georgia
  • Series: Music From The Republic Of Georgia
  • Other: Clayton Parr, editor, new 2014
  • Score: View Score
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Performance Notes

This piece is an equal-voiced setting, with the narrow ranges of each part typical of many Georgian folk songs. It can be sung in the written key nicely by middle school-age or older mixed groups, or women’s groups with some older women who are comfortable with the occasional G below middle C in the bani (bass) part. For a TTB setting, transpose down a major third or fourth. It could be transposed up a step or so for use with young children, but singing the piece any higher than that will change the desired traditional folk tone quality of the sound. Any kind of octave doubling, either above or below, is not characteristic of the Georgian folk tradition and is not recommended.