mari mome (satb)


  • Catalog ID: S-389
  • First Line: Go! young girl with black eyes
  • Composer: Dobri Hristov, Edited Bonnie Sneed
  • Voicing: satb
  • Accompaniment: a cappella
  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Other: europe, new for 2013
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On the original manuscript from Dobri Hristov the title reads Pàãåíèöà Màðè Mîìå” (Dance “Mari Mome”). This edition of Mari Mome, a dance of wooing, is compiled from two sources: the composer’s manuscript found in the music department library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, special thanks to Kristina Yapova, and the edition used at the 2004 Varna International Conductors’ workshop.

The Bulgarians sing this piece so fast that one almost loses the sense of seven in the meter. There should be a fun, lively, and light feeling of an asymmetrical three to this song, maintaining the mood of a seductive dance that is not too serious.

The manuscript shows the same key and time signature as in this edition (D minor and 7/8), while the workshop edition was printed a step lower with shorter note values (C minor and 7/16).

Several articulations appear in the manuscript; many more were added based on the performance practice during the workshop.

Originally, Hristov had the tenors and basses sharing a single bass clef staff. Both parts appeared mostly down an octave, keeping the composite range of the two parts between D2 and D4. This edition adjusts the parts for a more typical vocal range found in an SATB choir, increasing the clarity of the respective lines. The song in its more authentic folk setting could work with many combinations of voices. 

Dr. Bonnie Sneed