da hai a! gu xiang (ssa)


  • Catalog ID: S-353
  • First Line: xiao shihou, mama, dui wo jiang
  • Composer: Wang Li-ping, Arranged By Yang Hong-nian
  • Voicing: ssa
  • Solo: none
  • Accompaniment: piano
  • Language: Chinese
  • Country: China
  • Other: asia, children, new for 2011
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Da Hai A! Gu Xiang (The Ocean, My Homeland) was originally written by Wang Li-Ping for the 1983 movie “The Calling of the Sea.”  The song reflects on a man’s connection to the sea, a metaphor for his deep love for his mother and homeland.

The treble voice arrangement by Yang Hong-Nian has gained popularity among childre’s and women’s choirs beyond China.  This arrangement is edited by Karl Chang.