luk luk lumbu (ssaattbb)


  • Catalog ID: S-230
  • First Line: uki, uki. angin muluka
  • Composer: Budi Susanto
  • Voicing: ssaattbb
  • Solo: S
  • Accompaniment: a cappella
  • Language: Osing
  • Country: Indonesia, Java
  • Series: Music Of Asia And The Pacific
  • Other: 2006 cd07, MAP
  • Score: View Score
  • Sound: Listen


Luk Luk Lumbu is typically sung at celebrations and parties in the Banyuwangi region of southeastern Java.  Listeners dance as a singer and “kendang kempul” perform the music.  A “kendang kempul” is an ensemble that plays a unique fusion of Banyuwangi gamelan music on Western musical instruments.