ave maria (wyers) (ssatbb)


  • Catalog ID: S-181
  • First Line: ave maria, gratia plena
  • Composer: Giselle Wyers
  • Voicing: ssatbb
  • Accompaniment: a cappella
  • Language: Latin
  • Country: United States
  • Other: 2003 women, sacred
  • Score: View Score
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Perform this piece with a continuous, flowing quality with mild rubato to reflect the shape of the phrase.  Bring out prominent melodies and carefully balance them with accompanying parts holding longer note values.  The bariton intonation of “Maria” in measures 7 and 30 could be sung first by soloist, followed by the full section.  The highest soprano notes in measures 47-49 could also be sung by a soloist.  The piece should build gradually with a sense of gently reaching out, and finally merging with the divine.  Performers are encouraged to use this work as a means of reflecting upon and connecting to life’s depth and wonder.

Giselle Wyers