two latvian carols (ttbb)


  • Catalog ID: M-19
  • Composer: Andrejs Jansons
  • Voicing: ttbb
  • Accompaniment: sleighbells
  • Language: Latvian
  • Country: Latvia
  • Series: Saint Mary's College Choral Series
  • Other: christmas, holiday, sacred
  • Score: View Score
  • Sound: Listen


Two pieces are contained in one octavo: 1. Ziemas Svetki (Winterfest has arrived); 2. Balts Sniedzins Snieg (Riding to church on Christmas Eve) – also has a singable English translation.  A pronunciation CD is available for $4.50.  A full recording of the piece is found on CD-03.

These pieces are also available for women’s voices (see C-14). 

Other Latvian carols published by earthsongs for mixed voices: C-15 Three Latvian Carols, Set 1 and C-22 Three Latvian Carols, Set II.