alma llanera (sab)


  • Catalog ID: S-424
  • First Line: Yo naci en una ribera
  • Composer: Pedro Gutierrez, Arr. Angel Sauce
  • Voicing: sab
  • Accompaniment: a cappella
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country: Venezuela
  • Series: Musica De Latinoamerica
  • Other: 2016
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  • Sound: Listen


The Alma Llanera of Pedro Eliás Gutiérrez (1870–1954) is one of the most popular songs from Venezuela. Gutiérrez was mainly a composer of “light” music, particularly waltzes and zarzuelas. He was Director of the Caracas Band for over 40 years and always animated the life of the old city. Alma Llanera, which belongs to a zarzuela of the same name, became so popular that it is considered the second national anthem by the Venezuelan people. It is a joropo, a typical Venezuelan dance rhythm which is based on the simultaneous combination of 3/4 and 6/8 meters. Because of its joyous character, it is usually performed during celebrations accompanied by the cuatro (a small guitar with only four strings), a diatonic harp, and maracas.

María Guinand Caracas, Venezuela

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