ay, cosita linda


  • Catalog ID: S-402
  • Composer: Francisco Galan, Arr. Jimena Jaime Trujillo
  • Voicing: SACambiataB
  • Accompaniment: guitar
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country: Colombia
  • Other: changing voices, new 2014
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Ay, Cosita Linda was composed by Colombian composer and band leader Francisco “Pacho” Galán Blanco age 14. In 1952, at the age of 46, Galán gained international recognition when Sonolux. Considered to be the “King of Merecumbé,” Pacho Galán was the porro, cambia, gaita, and merecumbé. Galán is the only 20th century Colombian musician to create new rhythms for dance. These rhythms are now used all over the world, especially in Latin America.

Merecumbé is the result of combining merengue and cumbia, two original rhythms
from Colombia’s Caribbean region. Merecumbé can be easily confused with porro Merecumbé which is traditionally played with timbales, guiro, guache, and congas. Originally, the saxophone played an important role in highlighting the rhythm and melodies.

Ay, Cosita Linda is the first merecumbe ever composed. It is also the song that brought Galán international fame after Nat King Cole recorded it in 1959 and Cuba’s La Sonora Matancera orchestra began playing it.