psalm 47 (ssa)


  • Catalog ID: S-125b
  • First Line: lam'natzeiach livnei korach mizmor
  • Composer: Srul Irving Glick
  • Voicing: ssa
  • Accompaniment: piano or string orchestra
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Country: Canada
  • Series: Jean Ashworth Bartle Series
  • Other: 2000 cd04 children sacred
  • Score: View Score
  • Sound: Listen


recorded on cd-04; no. 2 of ”psalm trilogy”


Psalm Trilogy was premiered at the “Sidney Sings” International Choral Festival at the Sydney Opera House in Australia in July, 1999 by the Toronto Children’s Chorus and the Festival choirs, Jean Ashworth Bartle conducting.

The three pieces may be performed as a set of three or separately, accompanied by string orchestra or piano.  The full score and instrumental parts are available from the publisher.

no. 1: psalm 92 (order s-125a); no. 2: psalm 47 (order s-125b); no.3: psalm 23 (order s-125c); audio clip is from no. 2: psalm 47. psalm 47 and 23 are recorded on cd-04. All pieces available for sale separately.