Shipping & Returns

At earthsongs we ship domestic packages the cheapest, quickest way.  we use US Mail and UPS.  options for these shipping methods can be found on the checkout page.  

International packages are normally shipped via US Mail.  DHL courier service is available, but is very expensive.  Please contact us for specific costs.  UPS service to Canada is also available.  Please note that UPS brokerage fees apply which will need to be paid before you receive the package.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept returns on definite sales.  If you have questions about any of our products, please email or call us at 541.758.5760.

PLEASE NOTE: The amount charged to your credit card will, in most cases, be LESS than is shown when you place your order.  When you place your order, your credit card is NOT charged.  We apply various discounts and only charge actual shipping (shipping amount shown on the website is an estimate only).  We charge your credit card after the order is invoiced.  If you have questions, please call us at 541-758-5760.

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