Gloria (ttbb)

Catalog ID: S-482
Translation: glory to god in the highest
First Line: gloria, gloria, gloria...
Composer: ondi yohan tambunan
Author: traditional
Voicing: ttbb
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: latin
Country: indonesia
Series: global rhythms choral series
Other: new 2022
Sound: No audio clip available


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Text and Translation

Glória in excélsis Déo.
Et in térra pax
homínibus bónae voluntátis. Laudámus te. Benedícimus te. Adorámus te. Glorifícamus te.

Cultural Context

Glory to God in the highest.
And on earth peace
to all those of good will.
We praise thee. We bless thee.
We workship thee. We glorify thee.

This Gloria uses the Dorian mode and some meter changes to make the piece more aggressive. It is like we are singing on a high mountain, looking at the scenery, and enjoying how great God is as a creator. Stomps and claps were added to signify the whole body in praise of God’s greatness.

If considering Luke 2:13: “There was with the angle a great band of spirits from heaven, giving praise to God, ...”, we try to imagine the angels also singing along when we sing.

Ondi Yohan Tambunan

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