With What Shall I Come? (satb)

Catalog ID: S-419
First Line: With what shall I come before the Lord....
Composer: Rosephanye Powell
Voicing: satb
Accompaniment: violin
Language: english
Country: united states
Series: anton armstrong choral series
Other: 2015
Sound: No audio clip available


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A performance of this piece by the St. Olaf Choir is available to listen to at: http://rosephanyepowell.com/compositions/sacred-compositions/

With What Shall I Come? was composed as a gift to Dr. Anton Armstrong in celebration of his 25th season as conductor of the St. Olaf Choir. Aware that Micah 6:6-8 is one of his favorite biblical passages, I sought to set this text emphasizing two words that come to mind when I watch Dr. Armstrong conduct: beauty and passion.

With What Shall I Come? begins simply with the violin introducing the melody followed by the voices singing in unison “with what shall I come before the Lord and bow myself before God on high?”; a question that is answered at the end of the piece. The A section grows from this simple statement to independent vocal lines expressing the text. The passion and fervor which characterize the B section are immediately apparent, in the dramatic, harmonic, and rhythmic shifts heard in the piano and violin beginning at measure 30. This section expresses the emotional anguish of the psalmist who ponders which great sacrifice should be offered to cover one’s transgressions, including one’s very own child. The song concludes with a peaceful abbreviation of the original theme. It is characterized by simple, short statements of the melody featuring a call-and-response between the violin and voices. In answer to the question, the gifts that God requires are justice, kindness, and love. With these shall I come.

Rosephanye Powell



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