song of perfect propriety (ssa)

Catalog ID: S-291
First Line: oh i should like to ride the seas, a roaring buccaneer...
Composer: carol barnett
Author: dorothy parker
Voicing: ssa
Accompaniment: piano
Language: english
Country: united states
Series: STM, Nancy Menk Editor
Other: 2008 women


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Dorothy Parker (b. 1893) was one of the most accomplished and successful feminist literary writers in women's history.  She was a member of the famous Algonquin Round Table which met daily from 1919 to 1929.  Carol Barnett wrote this piece for the Cornell University Women's Chorus as part of a multi-year commissioning project unofficially called "No Whining, No Flowers" in which several women composers were commissioned to set texts by women.  A full recording of this piece can be found on CD-09: One World, Many Voices - Volume 7.

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