hangangsu taryeong (satb)

Catalog ID: S-271
Translation: han river song
First Line: hangangsuya, kipgo margeun mure
Composer: jisoo kim
Author: traditional korean
Voicing: satb
Accompaniment: piano (rehearsal only)
Language: korean
Country: korea
Other: 2007 cd08


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Taryeong is a type of Korean folk song passed down from generation to generation.  No one is sure when they were created.  They are strophic in structure, organized into verses and refrain.  Like most Korean folksongs, the songs are about anything from lost love to the toils of everyday work to the beauty of nature.  The meter is compound with a peppering of hemiolas that gives Korean traditional music its characteristic rhythmic feel.

The text of Hangangsu Taryeong reads, in part: Let's go boating on Han River deep and clear.  In front of me drifts a fishing boat and behind me sails a boat to bring home my love.

This octavo contains all 3 Korean Folk Songs; no.1: Hangangsu taryeong (Han River Folk Song); no.2: Shingosan taryeong(Shingo Mountain Folk Song; and no.3: Gyeongbokkung taryeong(Gyeongbok Palace Folk Song). Search ''shingosan'' and ''gyeongbokkun'' titles on choral music search page for audio clips & sample scores.  A full recording is available on CD-08.

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