dravidian dithyramb (ssaa)

Catalog ID: S-179
Translation: hymn of praise
First Line:
Composer: victor paranjoti
Author: phonetic
Voicing: ssaa
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: phonetic
Country: india
Series: music of asia and the pacific
Other: cd02 2003 best, women, MAP


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The Dravidian Dithyramb embodies traces of ragas from the Carnatic music of South India, but it also bears an astonishing resemblence to the tarana - a form of Hindustani classical music which uses Persian and Arabic phonemes as nonsense syllables.  See also M-24: ttbb and S-42: satb; satb version is recorded on cd-02.

Notable for its use of typical India melodic motifs, The Dravidian Dithyramb is an impression of uninhibited festivity.  An elusive but persistent pulse motivates the music, which is based on mere fragments of melody--the pulse driving onward faster and faster toward the final frenzied utterance.

Dithyramb is a Greek term for a wild, passionate hymn.  Dravidian usually refers to the languages and races of South India, as distinct from Aryan which usually defines the linguistic and racial group of the north.  A performance of this piece should create excitement through driving relentlessly towards a climactic end.


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