khorumi (tttbb)

Catalog ID: S-162
Translation: georgian dance song
First Line:
Composer: mamia khatelishvili
Voicing: tttbb
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: georgian
Country: georgia
Other: 2002 cd05 men


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Khatelishvili (1932-1988) wrote Khorumi in 1964.  It is based on a unique 5/4 Adzharian folk dance rhythm and some melodic fragments which were common in the folk dance music of the Georgian province of Adzharia.  This edition presents the piece in its original form.  The text is a series of phonemes which serve to propel and invigorate the khorumi dance rhythms.  The piece is  recorded on CD-05; a pronunciation CD is available from the publisher for $4.50.

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