miracles of sant'iago (pdf if ordered for entire choir)

Catalog ID: S-143
First Line:
Composer: anonymous 4
Author: medieval chant & polyphony
Voicing: unison, 2-4 part
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: latin
Country: spain
Series: a4
Other: 2001, christmas, holiday, sacred
Sound: No audio clip available


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no. 1: Venite omnes cristicole - This is an invitatory antiphon, one of the opening chants in the midnight service of Matins for the vigil of the feast of St. James. 

no. 2: Vox nostra resonet - This two voice conductus is a trope, or expansion, of the liturgical formula Benedicamus domino (response Deo gratias) which closes liturgical services, or sections of services.

no. 3: Portum in ultimo - This two voice conductus  is an insertion into a long plainchant responsory.

no. 4: Congaudeant catholici - This is one of the earliest surviving three voice pieces, and is probably the best known and most controversial of the polyphonic works in Jacobus.


All four pieces are contained in this octavo.

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