go where i send thee (ssatb)

Catalog ID: S-88
First Line: children, go where i send thee...
Composer: paul caldwell and sean ivory
Author: gospel spiritual
Voicing: ssatb
Accompaniment: piano, bass
Language: english, sacred
Country: united states
Series: anton armstrong choral series
Other: 1999 holiday best, christmas
Sound: No audio clip available


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This is a gospel arrangement of a spiritual from the African-American folk tradition which we first became familiar with through the work of Cynthia Wilson Felder in Texas.  From the many variants of the text we have developed an extended version which allowed us to maximize the use of Gospel-style modulation and to give our singers significant one-line reminders of some of the biblical stories on which the African-American musical tradition is based.

Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory


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