warning (ssaa)

Catalog ID: S-19
First Line: when i am an old woman...
Composer: ron jeffers
Author: jenny joseph
Voicing: ssaa
Accompaniment: 2 flutes
Language: english
Country: united states
Series: STM, Nancy Menk Editor
Sound: No audio clip available


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English poet Jenny Joseph's 1961 poem in a setting for two flutes and SSAA chorus.  This well-known poem ("When I am an old woman") is most audacious and full of "warnings" from a lady who plans to grow old in her very own, strongly independent way.  Humorous and challending.  

See also Zae Munn's Muse, Stove and Willow Plate (S-14) and Grandma's Alleluia (S-17).  Part of the St. Mary's College Choral Series, Nancy Menk, Editor.

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