gartenlieder (satb)

Catalog ID: R-06
Translation: garden songs
First Line:
Composer: fanny hensel
Voicing: satb
Language: german
Country: germany
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Op. 3, No. 3, 5, and 6.

Three of the six Gartenlieder in one octavo: Im Herbste (No. 3), Abendlich schon rauscht der Wald (No. 5), and Im Wald (No.6).

Im Herbste (No. 3) - "In Autumn": Text by Ludwig Uhland.  Im Herbste describes a spring day, then speaks of how the fading of spring's beauty is mirrored by the fading of one's dreams...but not without a ray of hope.

Abendlich schon rauscht der Wald (No. 5) - "At evening the forest already murmurs": Text by Joseph von Eichendorff.  Abendlich schon rauscht der Wald welcomes the coming of the night, and the peace it brings both to nature and to man's soul.

Im Wald (No. 6) - "In the Forest": Text by Emanuel Geibel.  A joyous song of how one's greatest pleasure is being in the forest and singing to nature and to himself.  


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