dona nobis pacem

Catalog ID: B-08
Translation: grant us peace
First Line:
Composer: anonymous
Author: liturgical
Voicing: canon a 3
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: latin
Other: sacred, women children
Score: No score excerpt available
Sound: No audio clip available


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One of the 5 Concert Canons in this octavo.  Start the year with one of these wonderful canons.  Learn them by rote, work on vocal production, diction, phrasing, style, communication, and explore the various possibilities of performance presentation.  The realizations provided in this issue have been proven offective for both singers and listeners.  Sing them in the round, as a processioanl, as an opening piece, or as an anthem or response in the service.  Experience the simple profound joys of artistic canon singing.

Pieces in this octavo: Non nobis, Domine; Jubilate Deo; Music; Dona nobis pacem; An Irish Blessing

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