Christ the Appletree ssaa

Catalog ID: S-440
First Line: the tree of life my sould hath seen....
Composer: stanford scriven
Author: joshua smith
Voicing: ssaa
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: english
Country: usa
Series: anton armstrong choral series
Other: new 2018
Sound: No audio clip available


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Christ the Appletree is rooted in the wonderfully simple spirit of the text, in which the author depicts Christ in a familiar light: the humble apple tree. Utilizing harmonic language and textural elements commonly found in the early American folk canon, the music is meant to amplify the author’s original intent without

clouding its simple, yet elegant message. The arrangement of this work for women’s voices was brought about by my close friend and colleague, Joseph Kemper, whose adaptation has been enjoyed by choristers and audiences across the country. I am forever grateful to him for this vision, and for his friendship and support throughout all these years.

Stanford Scriven


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