tres cantos nativos (ttbb) - pdf only

Catalog ID: S-268
Translation: three native songs
First Line:
Composer: marcos leite
Author: krao indian songs
Voicing: ttbb
Accompaniment: percussion
Language: krao
Country: brazil
Other: new 2017
Sound: No audio clip available


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Composed in 1982, Tres Cantos Nativos dos Indios Krao is freely based on melodies sung by the Krao tribe - a group of native Brazilian indians who live in the Xingu river area of the Amazon forest of northwestern Brazil.  The use of percussion instruments is strongly recommended by the composer; the instruments should emphasize and improvise on the rhythms of the chorus.  The meaning of the text is unknown; it was treated by the composer as a group of phonemes.

This piece is recorded on CD-04: One World, Many Voices, Volume 2 and is also available in ssaa voicing (see S-168), and satb voicing (S-68).

This arrangement was done for the St. Mary's International School in Japan by Rachel and Randolph Stenson.

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