wind (treble chorus) pdf if ordered for entire choir

Catalog ID: S-266
First Line: You are the root and the tree and the spirit of the tree...
Composer: carolyn jennings
Author: joan wolf prefontaine
Voicing: treble voices
Accompaniment: piano
Language: english
Country: usa
Other: 2016, women, girls
Score: No score excerpt available


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You are the root and the tree and the spirit of the tree.

You threaten the nests of sparrow hawks as well as the nests of sparrows.

Larger than our combined breath, you illustrate yourself

with whitecaps and dust storms, hurricanes and blizzards.

You are also the whisper that we do not hear

as we fetch and drone
in our fast, accustomed orbits.

Dream bringer, cloud chaser, shaper of the earth we stand on,

teach us to heed slight ripples from zephyr or stone.

Teach us to listen
when there is nothing to be heard.

Joan Wolf Prefontaine
from The Divided Sphere © 1985

See also the SATB version S-57.



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