The Cloths of Heaven (ssa)

Catalog ID: S-414
First Line: had I the heavens embroidered cloths....
Composer: M. E. Valverde
Author: William Butler Yeats
Voicing: ssa
Accompaniment: piano
Language: english
Country: united states
Series: anton armstrong choral series
Other: 2015, women
Sound: No audio clip available


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In addition to this version, a version for SATB, harp, and string orchestra is available from the publisher in pdf format.


When I look back on the text, I find myself. I find a sacrificial love that is beautiful, but also painful—a love that is certain but longs to break from its hopelessness and finally connect with bliss. I composed The Cloths of Heaven during a month of study in Paris, surrounded by the history and beauty of France. No matter the surrounding, this poem draws me fiercely inward.

M. E. Valverde 


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