two insect songs (sa)

Catalog ID: S-146 / 7
First Line:
Composer: ruth watson henderson
Author: paul fleischmann
Voicing: sa
Accompaniment: piano
Language: english
Country: canada
Series: jean ashworth bartle series
Other: 2001 women, children
Sound: No audio clip available


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There are two separates octavos in Two Insect Songs.  The first is S-146 Whirligig Beetles and the other is Fireflies (S-147).  Each piece is sold separately.  Originally performed as part of a program of duets entitled "Two for Two by Four", these pieces may also be sung by treble choirs.  Enjoy the imitation in Fireflies and the canon with inverted counterpoint describing the circular motion of the Whirligig Beetles.  

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