three rhymes - set 1 (2-pt treble)

Catalog ID: W-13
First Line:
Composer: paul bouman
Author: robert louis stevenson
Voicing: 2-pt treble
Accompaniment: piano, flute
Language: english
Country: united states
Series: anton armstrong choral series
Other: children
Sound: No audio clip available


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Three pieces by Robert Louis Stevenson from A Child's Garden of Verses in one octavo.  The octavo contains The Swing, Where go the Boats?, and The Land of Counterpane all in one octavo.  

Three Rymes - Set II (W-23) contains The Moon, Bed in Summer, and  My Shadow.  Three Rhymes - Set III (available in pdf) (S-355) contains The Whole Duty of ChildrenMarching Song, and The Lamplighter.

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