let us seek each other (ssaattbb)

Catalog ID: S-90a
First Line: let us seek each other in the villages of the earth...
Composer: janika vandervelde
Author: meridel le seuer
Voicing: ssaattbb
Accompaniment: percussion
Language: english
Country: united states
Other: women 1998
Sound: No audio clip available


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no.1 of ''villages of the earth''


Villages of the Earth is based on the poem "Communal Global Day" by Meridel Le Sueur (1900-1996).  The poem appears in Rites of Ancient Ripening.  There are three movements in this piece: (S-90a) Let us Seek Each Other, (S-90b) Await, (S-90c) Rouse Us.  Each octavo is sold separately.  

A full conductor's score and instrumental parts are available separately from the publisher.

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