muse, stove, & willow plate (ssaa)

Catalog ID: S-14
First Line:
Composer: zae munn
Author: ann kilkelly
Voicing: ssaa
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: english
Country: united states
Series: st. mary's college choir series
Other: women


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Each of the three pieces which comprise The Muse, The Stove, and The Willow Plate presents a woman of strong character or action. Each song is from a set of three poems by Ann Kilkelly.

In The Muse, a poet bemoans the fact that her muse is a bit more eccentric and troublesome than most.  Two sections alternate, one slow and flexible with a harmonic emphasis, the other faster and more imitative.

In the Stove, a woman rebels against her cantankerous old stove by pounding it to bits.  The mixed meters exemplify the pounding of the sledge hammer used to do the dirty deed.

In The Willow Plate, a woman uses the images in a willow plate to sing a love song.  The three vocal parts share the melody role, with the altos taking special responsibility.

The songs are written as a set, but may be performed separately - The Stove is often performed on its own.  Medium difficulty; each is about two minutes long.

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