Nino Dios de amor herido

Catalog ID: S-428
Translation: Child Jesus of wounded love
First Line: Nino dios de amor herido, tan presto os enamorais
Composer: Francisco Guerrero, arr. Alberto Grau
Voicing: sa (contralto)tb
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: spanish
Country: spain, venezuela
Series: musica de latinoamerica, MLA
Other: 2015


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Niño Dios de amor herido (“Child Jesus of wounded love”) belongs to the edition of Canciones y Villanescas of Francisco Guerrero, published in Venice in 1589 and dedicated to Cardinal Rodrigo de Castro. Guerrero made this selection of early works at the age of 62, before embarking on his trip to the Holy Land. The work is a type of Spiritual Villanescas—which have an AABCC structure—and were written for Christmas and Easter festivities featuring the extensive use of counterpoint. The texts of the Villanescas are usually a combination of metaphors that allude to human life, but refer to the holy people. In this particular Villanesca, baby Jesus is compared to a youngster who suffers from love.

This is one of four pieces contained in the octavo Quatro canciones espanolas del Renacimiento (Four Spanish Renaissance Songs).  Other pieces in this octavo are Triste Espana sin ventura, Teresica Hermana, and Oy, comamos y bebamos.

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