suscepit israel (satb)

Catalog ID: S-335
Translation: he has helped israel
First Line:
Composer: alberto grau
Voicing: satb
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: latin
Country: venezuela
Series: musica de latinoamerica, MLA
Other: new for 2010, sacred
Sound: No audio clip available


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Suscepit Isreal is the third piece of Alberto Grau's Magnificat set.  It can be performed as a separate piece or combined with other pieces from the set.  This setting uses only one verse (Luke 1:54) of the Magnificat text.  Even though all four sections of this piece use the same text, it is expressed in a variety of motivic and rhythmic combinations in the choir and always maintains the lyric character of the words.  The soprano solo - symbolic of a motherly guardian - is set in an ongoing melodic discourse that hovers above the different textures of this intimate piece.  

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