victimae paschali laudes (sssaa)

Catalog ID: S-16
Translation: praise to the paschal victim
First Line: victimae paschali laudes
Composer: ron jeffers
Author: latin sequence
Voicing: sssaa
Accompaniment: a cappella
Language: latin
Country: united states
Series: STM, Nancy Menk Editor
Other: sacred
Sound: No audio clip available


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Three pieces for divisi women's chorus a cappella based on the Latin sequence for Eastertide.  Part of the Saint Mary's College Choral Series, Nancy Menk, Editor.  In the first the various moods of the text are heard as the original Gregorian chant is presented canonically and heterophonically.  The second is a chromatic variation of the chant which emphasizes the agony and the pain of the Victimae.  In the final setting, the original chant is part of shimmering whole-tone clusters of sound that offer laudes (praises).

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